The Manzins, ProDancers Studio

Like no one is watching

Gravity is always there, as we know it.
However we could say, even for an instant, that man has found a way to ignore it through dancing.
Through this body gesture, that offers him freedom, his own laws of nature, the chance to defy the world and build one of his own.
Manzins will guide us in this world. Watch the magic of human move with Manzins and ignore gravity along with them! Witness the magic of human movement with the Manzins, and ignore gravity along with them!

Manzins were formed in 2012 and are an experimental contemporary dance group. Their founder and coach is Antonia Pitoulidou. The team is built each year after an audition and the members are high-level individuals. The team started from The ProDancers Studio.

The ProDancers Studio was established during the summer of 2012 by Kleri Karapidaki. The main idea is that all students or professional dancers can learn and teach the kind of dance they love in a place that inspires them and brings them together with the dance community. It constitutes the first dance studio in Greece to adopt the “drop in” lessons scheme, were technique and choreography are taught in an autonomous way over each lesson and the student can attend whichever lesson and whenever he pleases during the season, paying individually for each lesson.

ProDancers Studio only employes dance tutors that are specialised and broadly recognised in their respective fields. At the same time it allows for the right and complete training of new dancers who wish to follow their dream, at quite reasonable prices. More that 20 different kinds of dance are taught.