MOYSA - Megaro Youth Symphony Orchestra


Sounds are nothing more than vibrations travelling through the atmosphere. We, humans, decided to take advantage of them in order to transfer messages, thoughts and ideas, until we made art. We invite you to travel with MOYSA into an environment full of music, from the classical compositions of the past to the most modern creations.

According to G.E.Lazaridis, artistic director of the Thessaloniki Megaro and MOYSA, "this orchestral association", represented today by a small chamber ensemble, "encapsulates the vibration of modern Greek spirit, at a time when hope, confidence, and the ability to envision a bright future, is more important to our youth than ever before.

MOYSA was created by Thessaloniki Concert Hall in March 2015 with the initiative of international pianist Georgios-Emmanouil Lazaridis and the founding grant from the Stauros Niarchos Foundation. Within less than 20 months of operation, MOYSA has managed to establish itself as one of the most serious efforts to create a common "musical home" for young Greek artists.

It’s a community of young musicians from Northern Greece and other Greek regions, aged from 8 to 25 years old. It’s purpose is to educate members of the orchestal art and other related fields, as well as to strengthen their social awareness through the music. Thodoris Papadimitriou is the mentor and conductor of the orchestra.