Theodouli (Lia) Terzidou

Lia Terzidou
Real - Virtual Learning Environments & Intelligent Pedagogical Agents

At the beginning of the third millennium, one of the most important technological challenges is the creation of realistic experience through the Virtual Reality.
Virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): two definitions of the very recent present, the future and the perpetuity.
•How much reality exists in the Virtual Reality?
•Which is the role of the Pedagogical Agent in a virtual environment learning?
•Can the artificial intelligence replace the teacher?
•In which way does the virtual reality contributes to the educational process?

Theodouli Terzidou is an IT educator and a candidate PhD student in multimedia laboratory at Information Technology department of AUTH. She is a graduate of applied IT of University of Economics of Athens having a Master degree in Information and Communication Technologies in Education of IT department of AUTH.

The main objects of the research are the Intelligent Pedagogical Agents for Virtual Learning Environments, while in her research interests, Game Based Learning, Distance Learning, Computer Science Collaborative Learning, Human Communication Information are included. As a fan of the new technologies, she explores innovative methods aimed at learning in virtual environments with the help of visual agents.

She started her professional career as a developer in Germany and then she returned to Greece where she founded her own Information Technology company. She finally moves to education, in which she has more than 15 years of teaching experience in first and second grade schools, as well as at adults. She is the president of the greek company of the Greek scientist and IT and communication professionals company of Macedonia-Thrace department, ambassadress of the Europe Code Week in Greece and a member of the organising committee of the panhellenic IT student contest, which winners represent our country in the International Computer Science Olympics. Finally, as an educator and defender of the idea that computer developing knowledge is an superpower for children, she founded the volunteers club “CoderDojo Thessaloniki”, which offers free coding lessons to children and young people.