Nancy Kokolaki

Children Without Nightmares

The current social advances in Europe, regarding refugees’ issues, bring in the center of our thinking, children that go away from war and reach countries of the West. Life for these children may seems to be unfair and like a bad dream but as is happening in fairytales, some heroes must traverse some rutty paths, to survive from the dark forest and its’ dangers, in order to find their own happy ending. Is a fairytale able to stop their nightmares ? An illustrated fairytale without words, that is going to be distributed at the refugees’ children from students that inhabit the welcoming-regions, has the power to promote the message of peace and harmonious co-existence of different nationalities and cultures ?

In response, Bad Crowd, with their iniative, CHILDREN WITHOUT NIGHTMARES, supports that armed with art as an educational tool, we can contribute in the personal development of children in Europe and to transmit in future adults, the values such as equality and respect in dissimilarity, so as to hope in a future, without wars.

Nancy, is a member of the cultural institution Bad Crowd. She is working as a producer of artistic projects, with more recently, the movie, ASHES with international debut at Montreal World Festival and the argentine-greek documentary WORKING DANCERS with a debut at the International Documentary Festival Thessaloniki 16’. Also, she is the producer of the interactive audiovisual installation PROJECT ATLAS, that has been presented at the Athens-Epidarus Festival, previous summer. Along with Nikos Moustakas, they established the Bad Crowd, envisioning an international network of artistis, aiming to create artworks and social artistic actions in all the world.

Counting in their possesion a great number of fiction movies and documentaries, with participations and award-winning at international festivals while at the same time, they are doing business at the distirbution of movies. In their resume, organizations such as ONE MONTH FOR A BAD CROWD that was held at Kakogiannis Foundation with events of music, theaters, visual arts, cinema and the retrospective of the multi-awarded Turkish director, writer and painter Tayfun Pirselmaglu at the Cinematheque of Greece. Aiming every project to be part of a co-production with other countries, they are in a tight co-operation with France, Italy, Turkey and Romania and they are taking part at programms that are supported by the Creative Europe and the Eurimages.

Their desire is to use their artistic experience and their expertise, at social initiatives, targeting in a better world through culture. This year, they are presenting a musical performance for children and teens, entitled CHOCOLATE PIE, while their first intercultural, social and artistic initiative CHILDREN WITHOUT NIGHTMARES, for children that live in hospitality centers for refugees and at the same time for children of the welcoming-countries, are in progress.